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Taking Control Of Your Financial Future

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn. I love this quote, simply because it is so true. Today, … Read More


6 TOP TAX RELIEFS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS Here are 6 Key tax reliefs available to Irish businesses to help them grow and develop. The reliefs provide business owners with very significant tax savings which is an incentive to grow and … Read More

Accounting Software & Data Analytics – why are they useful

Accounting Software & Data Analytics – why are they useful Data Analytics is mainly used for decision making in a business. Decisions can be based on gut feelings, past experience or a feeling, alternatively it can be based on facts, … Read More

Dealing with Financial Problems

The economic impact of Covid may worsen personal and business financial problems, caused by unemployment, pay cuts, business closure and illness. The aftermath of Covid effects disposal income, savings, retirement pensions, investment and debt. This can result in people worrying … Read More

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Building a Business to Sell

Structure A – Common Business Structure Structure A – SALE offer A business  owner receives an offer of €10,000,000 for his Irish Trading Company A. The business owner is an Irish Tax Resident Individual. He receives €10,000,000 in respect of … Read More

Avoiding Tax on Selling your Company

  (Read in conjunction with our blog on ‘Building A Business To Sell’) Ireland’s Holding Company Regime – relief for the disposal of shares in a subsidiary This article discusses one of the key features of Ireland’s holding company regime, … Read More

Household Budget

 INCOME Net Monthly Amount Net Monthly Amount   € €   Earner 1 Earner 2 Net self-employed income     Employment income     Children’s allowance     Children’s Gift Funds     Rental income     Rental income   … Read More

5 Steps to Manage Your Covid Financial Crisis

Create a Back-Up Plan In the event of a loss in income, figure out for how long you can subsidise this amount using existing savings, assets or new earned income. Brainstorm ideas on your available options and consider other ways … Read More

COVID-19 Government  Financial Assistance – Grants, Loans and Funds

  Government  Financial Assistance – Grants, Loans and Funds COVID-19 Government funds Online Trading Vouchers of €2,500, costing you €250 – net gain to you of €2,250 (previously cost you €2,500, 100%) Small Business loans of €50,000 at 4.5% interest … Read More