Building a Business to Sell

Structure A – Common Business Structure Structure A – SALE offer A business  owner receives an offer of €10,000,000 for his Irish Trading Company A. The business owner is an Irish Tax Resident Individual. He receives €10,000,000 in respect of … Read More

Avoiding Tax on Selling your Company

  (Read in conjunction with our blog on ‘Building A Business To Sell’) Ireland’s Holding Company Regime – relief for the disposal of shares in a subsidiary This article discusses one of the key features of Ireland’s holding company regime, … Read More

Household Budget

 INCOME Net Monthly Amount Net Monthly Amount   € €   Earner 1 Earner 2 Net self-employed income     Employment income     Children’s allowance     Children’s Gift Funds     Rental income     Rental income   … Read More

5 Steps to Manage Your Covid Financial Crisis

Create a Back-Up Plan In the event of a loss in income, figure out for how long you can subsidise this amount using existing savings, assets or new earned income. Brainstorm ideas on your available options and consider other ways … Read More

COVID-19 Government  Financial Assistance – Grants, Loans and Funds

  Government  Financial Assistance – Grants, Loans and Funds COVID-19 Government funds Online Trading Vouchers of €2,500, costing you €250 – net gain to you of €2,250 (previously cost you €2,500, 100%) Small Business loans of €50,000 at 4.5% interest … Read More

What are the Benefits of Incorporating Your Business?

If you are a sole trader or partnership you may be thinking about setting up a company for your business.  Incorporating a company for your business has its benefits and it is not expensive to form a company, however there … Read More

Entrepreneurs Relief from Capital Gains Tax on sale of a business

Entrepreneur relief from Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) was introduced to reduce the rate of CGT to 10% applicable to sales of business assets or shares held in a company by entrepreneurs. The relief is an incentive to encourage and reward … Read More

Ireland as a Location for International Companies

Corporation Tax in Ireland Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax rate on trading income is one of the lowest ‘onshore’ rates in the world. ‘Trading profits’ include a broad range of commercial activities including Intellectual Property (IP) and Supply Chain Management. The … Read More

How to Divorce Proof Your Business

Long hours spent slaving away when nobody’s watching, is often what’s required to make a business successful. If you’ve taken all the risks and invested all your time, you deserve to get the rewards. Sadly it doesn’t always work out … Read More

What Books and Records must I keep for my business?

Am I obliged to keep records for tax purposes? YES. You must keep full and accurate records of your business from the start. You need to do this whether you send in a simple summary of your profit/loss, prepare the … Read More