We deal with all aspects of Personal income tax and accountancy issues for our clients, covering all matters from preparing books and records to amending tax returns and claiming tax refunds on overpaid tax.

Some Examples of our clients are:

  1. Family TRUST – Inheritance and Gift tax for an incapacitated person and the family upon death of a parent

A mother dies leaving considerable assets to her children in her will. Part of the assets are left in a trust for an incapacitated adult child. We assisted with the application for tax exemption of the trust and provided detailed advice on how to manage the trust going forward, tax implications of the inheritance and a step plan on how to manage the event from beginning to end. We saved the client over €300,000

  1. Revenue Audit Disclosure Letter and calculations

A sole trader received a Revenue audit letter, and asked for assistance with making a qualifying disclosure to Revenue about VAT and non-compliance issues. We prepared the letter and quantified the underpaid tax, and lodged a valid qualifying disclosure. This reduced the client’s exposure to interest and penalties and removed the risk of name publication. Next we proceeded to agree with Revenue that the business was restructuring itself under a new framework and brought all matters up to date before winding down the company.

  1. Income tax return

A sole trader was approaching their first income tax filing deadline, and wanted to set up a system to manage an acceptable system for books and records. We designed a tailored accounting system for the company, which they could manage. We reviewed their existing records, registered them for necessary taxes, prepared their accounts and brought their compliance position up to date. We then looked at cash flow, budgeting and forecast management systems which would allow them to grow the business within certain limits.

  1. Company Director

A company director came to us for assistance with filing late Accounts and annual returns with the CRO and tax office. We proceeded to prepare and file the audited accounts within a number of days, so that the clients company was brought up to date. We then put in place a simple accounting system which the client uses to manage its books and records day to day. We continue to prepare the year end accounts and file the necessary accounts.