Corporate Structures

We advise corporates and persons with more than one business on how to structure their trading operations in a way that optimises wealth protection and minimises taxes.

Whether you are based within or outside the EU, we can help you to establish a base in Ireland. This will be done quickly and efficiently in the structure most suited to your needs.

We are highly experienced in all company formations; trading, holding companies, subsidiaries, branches, agent and licensing arrangements.

The low corporate tax rate in Ireland on trading profits of 12.5%, coupled with exemptions from many taxes and incentives to invest, make Ireland a very attractive jurisdiction from which to operate your business

We help:

  • Incorporated companies with more than one business in their trade
  • Companies trading cross border
  • Licencing, trademarked or royalty companies
  • Companies which need to protect wealth
  • Companies in a group which have different roles e.g. Holding assets, financing, trading, investing

Types of Clients we help:

  • IT Companies, Property Dealers, Multi Company Groups, Manufacturers, Healthcare Suppliers, Professionals
  • Limited Companies, Group Companies, Trading companies, Subsidiaries, Branches
  • Sole Traders,  Partnerships, Consultants, Contractors, Tradesmen, Business start ups