Capital Gain Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Capital taxes can arise on the sale of assets such as property, leaseholds, shares, chattels. There is a very short timeframe for paying over the CGT due. It is important to know what reliefs are available to you in order to reduce your liability. The current rate of Capital Gains Tax is 33%. A capital gain is the profit that arises when you sell, or dispose of, an asset that you own. There are some valuable CGT tax reliefs available.



CGT Reliefs:

-Reconstruaction & Amalgamation
-Revised Entrepreneur Relief
-Principal Private Residence (PPR) Relief
-Property acquired between 7 December 2011 and 31 December 2014
-Disposal of a business or farm (Retirement Relief)
-Transfer of a site from a parent to a child
-Farm Restructuring Relief
-Indexation Relief

Types of Clients we help:

  • Restructuring companies, Owners selling a Businesses , Retiring business owners, Business owners passing on their business to the next generation,  parents leaving assets to their children, farmers passing on assets and farms, executives selling shares from share scheme
  • Individuals , Traders, Consultants, Contractors, Tradesmen, Limited Companies, Partnerships, Trustees