Forensic Accountancy

Forensic Accounting is typically used to analyse, evaluate and interpret financial data which can be used as evidence to assess the monetary value of a specific transaction.  Forensic accountants also identify financial fraud or theft and misappropriation of funds, in both business and personal financial disputes.

Our Forensic Accountancy Services:

  • Quantum of loss assessments
  • Loss of Earnings Assessment
  • Breach of Contract Valuation
  • Company Share Valuations
  • Inheritance & Gift Valuations & Asset Splits
  • Divorce / Separation Affidavits & Marital Assets evaluations
  • Shareholder/Director Financial Disputes
  • Financial Statement Reviews
  • Theft & Fraud Financial Assessment
  • Expert Tax Opinions

Examples of where we can assist is by reviewing financial matters relating to a breach of contract, loss of earnings, company share valuations, shareholder or director disputes, tax assessments and workplace  relations. Investigation of financial fraud, theft or misappropriation, can assist in dealing with financial disputes in the areas of tax, accounting, business transactions and wealth disputes.  A forensic accountant can assist with personal financial disputes for example; inheritance disputes, family wealth disputes, matrimonial divorce/separation settlements.

We are trained in forensic accounting techniques such as evidence gathering, financial analysis, interviewing, and report writing. In the instance of being called as an expert witness to independently present data to the court, our role is to present the factual unbiased data to the court to assist the court establish the financial facts of your case. We do not take sides, we are impartial and simply present the facts of your case from a tax or financial perspective to the court. Involving a forensic accountant early on may allow both parties to reach a settlement early and avoid court altogether.

We can provide you with a full report of our findings which can be used to negotiate terms of settlement, support your claim or by your legal advisor to support your case. Our reports will assess the financial position with supporting evidence and provide you with a complete understanding of the findings.


Accountancy firms / Solicitors & Barristers /  Companies / Private clients