Retirement Tax Planning


Whether you are retiring from a company, or selling your own business, taxes will usually arise on lump sum payments at the end of your career.

Individuals receiving pension top ups, ex gratia payments, selling shares or selling assets on retirement will have an exposure to different taxes. Any transaction which could create a significant tax liability should be reviewed in advance so that taxes can be minimised.

We can advise you on the income tax consequences and reliefs available for your retirement planning to minimise your tax liabilities and keep you tax compliant.

Types of Clients we help:

  •  Individual Sole Traders, Directors, Consultants, Contractors, Tradesmen
  • Limited Companies, Partnerships, Trustees
  • Landlords and property developers
  • Licensed traders – retailers, publicans, cafes, hotels and restaurants
  • Employees & self employed
  • Retired
  • Married, divorced, widowed
  • Non-residents & non domiciled in Ireland
  • Expats returning home or people going abroad